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what is the role of a nursing instructor

“He is magical to watch and he has learned so much. He has improved improved his karate skills in other areas. He doesn’t talk very much, but in karate we do talk a lot, and he is now counting with us.” Besides holding black belts and certificates to teach karate, Natalie works as a developmental aide, respite provider and is a program leader for people with disabilities and is a fourth year nursing student. Noelle is a full time registered nurse. “He now knows how to do the routine,” said Natalie. “I run other programs for people with disabilities and we always start the same way and have the same routine. Karate is tailored to repetition. Even after four weeks we are seeing that it is effective.” “He likes it a lot,” added Mildred Noakes, mother of Zihbien. “He’s in the general program with the Special Olympics and sports help his co-ordination and it has improved in motor skills.” The sisters are hoping to expand and grow the program and they are accepting new students.

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