How To Find Nurse Educator Jobs - The Top 4 Things You Need To Know

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I understand your concerns, but if we wait, we severely limit our pool.” Lehtinen, however, countered with his argument that “we will be hiring a new superintendent on Friday.” According to Hietala, however, this argument was seemingly moot, as the superintendent position would not be so quickly dissolved by Friday as contract negotiations would not begin until the next week. “We all know that the pool of available, quality folks has been diminishing over the last few years,” said Hietala. “What used to be 125 applicants is now 25. It’s not a matter of timing, but a matter of who’s out there in the first place. How do we get the best and brightest?” Peltier continued to voice his concerns as well, especially for the “need” for a social worker position at the high school. “I feel really strongly about the social worker position,” said Peltier. “If I thought we would be posting these positions a month from now, I would have no problem with [waiting], but I don’t see that happening.” For board member Pat Medure, who was also concerned with the uncertainties noted by Lehtinen, a major issue with the proposed positions was the seemingly “rushed” nature of it all, particularly with Monday’s meeting being the first time some of the information had been presented to the board. “I understand the need for these positions, but if we are going to do this, let’s sit down and do it right,” said Medure. “We want to do the best by the kids, and if that is the case, then we need to do this right. I understand the candidate pool, but hasty decisions do not sit well in the long run. We need to give this more time to make sure we do well by the students in the long run.” After further discussion regarding board confusion over the listing for the position of social worker, it was suggested by Medure that all four of the evening’s presenters continue their research and bring more information to the board in a future workshop.

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